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Since 1923, when Miguel Mateu acquired Castillo Perelada, three generations of the Mateu Suqué family have strived to create a distinctive range of products to satisfy the most discerning palates.


It has been our aim to demonstrate that the special geo-climatic conditions found in the Empordà, due to its proximity to the Mediterranean and the extraordinary diversity of its soils, can produce elegant wines with good structure and a distinct personality. Today the most discerning wine experts can vouch for the success of our efforts and have added Castillo Perelada to their honor rolls.

After producing still wines for the first few years, we moved into the production of sparkling wines. "Champagne de Perelada", as it was then called, quickly acquired the great prestige which it still enjoys today, now under the protection of the D.O. Cava.

In the late sixties, on the initiative of Arturo Suqué, Miguel Mateu's son-in-law, the company began making "vinos de aguja" (pétillant wines). Two of these, Blanc Pescador and Cresta Rosa, are among the best selling wines in Spain.

Javier Suqué, grandson of the founder, perpetuates today the philosophy of combining tradition and modernity which has always inspired the wineries in the Perelada Group. He has also led the new venture in the recognized D.O.C. Priorat starting up the cellar Casa Gran del Siurana.

The need to market the Perelada Group's wines and cavas effectively, and consumers' increasing desire to try new, unique products, led to the creation of a distribution company, Perelada Comercial. At Perelada Comercial our aim is to offer an exceptionally prestigious range which naturally includes all the Perelada Group's own brands but also offers a selection of non-proprietary wine brands, spirits, soft drinks and food products whose common denominator is high quality.

We have enjoyed putting together this catalogue and hope that it meets with your full approval.